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Is a cloud of pizzazz, fun, enlightenment, & honesty.

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Kaci _ Halloween 2017


Destiny and The Stars began from a dream shortly after life experiences in February of 2018.

Our family was engulfed with love from family, friends, & strangers . We have been blessed with a tall ladder of support including our community, colleagues and more. 

As of July 2019, I am finally embracing the journey and publishing this dream. I am not exactly sure where it will lead. I do have faith, I will be myself, and I hope DnS will bring a lot of smiles, intrigue, and allure as it grows.

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Aspiring Writer, Someday Yoga Teacher, Entrepreneur, Information Technology Professional, Daughter, Wife, Mother, Friend, Parishioner, CoWorker,  Scrapbooker, Blockhead, Hallmark Enthusiast, Crafter Bee, Baker, Sci-Fi Wanna Be

As you can see, I am definitely a One in a Million Soul (a Trixter song popped into my head). 

Kaci-isms I have. My words are from the heart. They are not always right. Critiques I can take.

Hopes are this space brings many smiles and expands to be something even more special.


Kaci DeeAnn

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Proud Mama & an Inspirational Soul striving to be the best version of herself !


She is a cherished friend sharing her connections & stories from a wealth of experiences. A  shining - bright star she is … engaging, passionate, heart, & challenges you to be you / a better you.


I am so Grateful she is an Earth Angel on this soul journey with me  … ❤️

Tina Marie

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