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From My Brain

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I Have This Knack Of Being A Resourceful Raccoon

Stop Saying No. Start Saying Yes.

It is an opportunity and a call to action,

a call for response. You can do this to help yourself and others.

I had a stuffed raccoon growing up and ❤️ 'd watching Shirt Tales.  I went into the Information Technology field and one is very resourceful working in the industry. Lately I have been exploring more of the metaphysical world and I have learned about spirit and/or totem animals. About 5 years ago I saw Physic In The Cities and it was mentioned how a resourceful raccoon I am. It all makes sense in this Wonderful World sang by Louis Armstrong as I have told it is a sign from my biological grandmother that she is assisting and with us from the other side. Here is to all the intriguing and beautiful resources I have come about.


A Wide Range of Conditions that Effect Mood, Thinking, & Behavior

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Relating to or Affecting the Human Spirit or Soul as to opposed to material or physical things along with religious belief

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Sum of Techniques, skills, methods, and processes of good or services 

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Live an Inspiring Life through Natural Beauty, nutrition and diet, an active lifestyle, and better relationships

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All Read More's Are Coming Soon!

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